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Parks are increasingly playing a key role in the fight-back against some of societies' biggest challenges.

There's lots of evidence on this website on the role of parks in improving public health and well-being or lessening the impact of climate change, but what about knife crime?

Steel Warriors is a charity dedicated to reducing the number of young people carrying knives in the UK. They melt down knives taken off the streets and recycle the steel into outdoor calisthenics gyms. So far there are three in London at Langdon Park, Ruskin Park and Finsbury Park.

From 2020 to 2022, Steel Warriors is planning to build 18 new gyms, 6 each year. These gyms will be located across the UK in areas most effected by knife crime. They carefully locate gyms in gang neutral zones in order to ensure everyone can train in a safe environment.

We provide young people with a free space that not only gets them talking about knife crime, but also enables them to build the physical and mental confidence to walk the streets unarmed.

Finsbury Park, Haringey

  • Opened in August 1869, Finsbury Park was one of the first of the great London parks landscaped in the Victorian era. It is by far the largest open space in a substantial area of central north London. The New River runs through the park.Finsbury Park won a Green Flag Award again in 20089. Islington Health Walks and Noel Park Healthy Walkers projects use th...

Ruskin Park, Lambeth

Denmark Hill,SE5 9BD | Other (please detail)

  • Enjoy a free concert or community event at the Bandstand

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