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Coronavirus has drastically changed all our lives with many of us now staying at home to ease its impact and lighten the pressure on our health services.

Self isolating can be incredibly difficult and scary.

The latest government advice does allow us to go out for essential tasks like shopping for food or to collect medication, as long as we're not experiencing symptons. Daily outdoor exercise is still currently allowed (with members of your family or household).

Gatherings of more than two people are not permitted and the Police have been empowered to challenge and break-up any groups they come across.

Parks have become quite busy at times with runners, cyclists and walkers or dog-walkers. Please do maintain the 2 metre physical distancing rule. Some parks have added helpful chalk or stencil markings on pathways to indicate what two metres looks like. This distancing applies to cyclists too.

Keep your distance

Some Friends of Park Groups have asked regular exercisers to carry water on their daily trips to keep newly planted trees, shrubs and flowers moist, as regular maintenance has been suspended or park work reduced to a minimum.

London is lucky in having lots of natural spaces, many of which are cared for by volunteers from local communities. Please respect other park users and help keep our parks clean and tidy through this difficult time. Please take your litter home, or any that you might kindly collect on your daily outing, and bin or recycle it as appropriate.

If we all use our common sense and act responsibily, our parks, public spaces and river walks will be clean and inviting for all, so we can celebrate outdoors together once the coronavirus crisis has passed.

Check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds for photos, videos, sounds and comments to maintain nature connections. Experts say that experiencing nature virtually (online) can also lift your spirits and help you through isolation. We'd also welcome your contributions so share directly through our social media feeds and add the hashtag #GoParksLondon to your posts.

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