Add your park to the Big Green London Map

We are asking park friends groups, or other community groups associated with parks and green spaces in London, to help popluate the Big Green London Map.

GoParksLondon is a campaign to promote London’s 3,000 parks and green spaces and the friends and community groups behind them. The map is promoted widely and give greater visibility to lots of less-well-known parks and green spaces as well as the friends and community groups who help improve, maintain, and advocate for, parks.

How will the map listings for each park be created?

Park friends and community groups help create listings because they know most about what’s happening in the park and its facilities and features. Friends and community groups’ websites and social media pages are central to the listings. This is great for members of the public because they can find out lots about the park and what’s happening there.

Some information in the listing will be supplied by organisations other than the friends or community group, for example, we link to information held by GIGL (the London Environment Records Centre) on biodiversity and historical information held by the London Parks and Gardens Trust.

What will the map listing for my park look like?

Each park listing will appear as a web page with its own unique web address. See Trent Country Park for a good example of what your page could look like.

What do I need to do to create a listing for my park on the map?

It’s very simple!

Find the "This is My Park" button on every park page
  1. Find your park on the map, click on it and then use the This Is My Park button to register your contact details on behalf of your local friends or community group.
  2. Within approximately 7 days we will send you a link to a personalised web form.
  3. Fill out and submit that form. It will be checked by a moderator at GiGL.
  4. Your park listing will be published on the map. We will upload new listings at least once a month but usually more frequently. You can submit the form at anytime but it may take a few weeks for it to be published.

Once the listing is published, the group which created it will be able to update it from time to time and we will contact your group to prompt you to check it occasionally to ensure information is current.

If you cannot find your park on the map please register here.

Register to create your park's listing >

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