We are asking park friends groups, or other community groups associated with parks and green spaces in London, to help create listings for the Big Green London Map at GoParksLondon.

  1. Use this form to register on behalf of your local friends or community group. If you have a shared email address, accessible to more than one of the friends group, please use that in preference to a personal email address. However a personal email address is perfectly acceptable.
  2. Within approximately 7 days we will send you a link to a personalised web form.
  3. The listing will be published on the map. We will upload new listings at least once a month but usually more often. You can submit the form at anytime but it may take a few weeks for it to be published.
The name of the Friends Group or other organisation that you belong to and are representing.
The name of the that you are providing information for.
The name of the Borough that this park sits within. (If more than one include both separated by a comma).
A postcode close to or for the park or open space that you are registering to help us locate it if the name is not widely known or not within our database.
The name of someone else who is associated with your group who may be an alternate contact.
The email address of someone else who is associated with your group who may be an alternate contact.
The number of people who are active in your group. Active meaning that they help with activities and/or they attend events.
The size of the newsletter / mailing list that the group runs if any.
The rough number of social media followers across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc

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