Access to nature and climate resilience remain as core themes for London Rivers Week 2022, but this year there will be an additional focus on ‘Natural Recovery’. The wildlife we see around us tells a story about our relationship with nature, the successes, and failures and what is being done to improve nature – particularly that associated with rivers and wetlands - across London. LRW 2022 will shine a light on these stories and facilitate discussion on what is needed to bring nature back to London.

CPRE London’s programme of events for this week is below:

Tue 12th July – Lost Rivers Club – Cowcross St near Farringdon station

The event will explore the role that water plays in our perception and experience of London – as a transformative force, with the power to change places, change people and change our environment. Does the water that flows all around us – over and under the city – hold the key to the past, the present, and the future? How can we treat our waterways better, and restore them to benefit everyone? Could we really rewild the city? What can we give London’s rivers, and what can they give us?

Wed 13th July - Panel event discussing natural recovery of rivers and wetlands – Cowcross St near Farringdon station

Q&A with expert speakers who will discuss the importance of rewilding. Speakers include Ian Russell from the London Borough of Enfield and their exciting rewilding scheme, Lucy Shuker, Independent Environmental Advisor and Honorary Research Fellow at Queen Mary, University of London, on process led river restoration and Dave Webb, Chair of the London River Restoration Group, on river restoration and climate change adaptation.

Thu 14th July 6pm – Walk along the River Brent – meeting at Gurnell Leisure Centre at 6pm, or for shorter walk, at Fox Inn in Hanwell at 8pm

Walk along the River Brent to enjoy and learn more about river restoration work in the area which has included creating new wetlands, planting native aquatic plants, and helping the river meander more naturally in its channel. Find out about how you could potentially get involved or work on similar initiatives near your local London river. 

Fri 15th July 6pm – Meander along the River Quaggy – Meeting Lewisham station

The River Quaggy is an urban river that runs through a surprising amount of green space, including the three parks we'll visit. It's one of the UK's most heavily engineered rivers, and during the walk we'll hear about the extraordinary work that has been put into its restoration and rewilding. This has included removing concrete channels and recreating flood plains, and even freeing the Quaggy from under the ground and letting it wind its way in Sutcliffe park. The ongoing restoration of the Quaggy is a success story for local action. 

Sunday 17th July 2pm, A Walk Along the River Roding - Meeting at Ilford Station

Discover the enchantments of the River Roding. An opportunity to explore a little-known river walk in east London with Paul Powlesland of the River Roding Trust along the path he has helped to open up with volunteers from the Friends of the River Roding - restoring an ancient right of way. We'll start at Ilford Station and follow the river along to Barking. The terrain will be relatively flat. Please wear comfortable footwear and suitable clothing for the weather, and bring water and refreshments.

London Rivers Week - A Walk Along the River Roding Tickets, Sun, Jul 17, 2022 at 2:00 PM | Eventbrite

Places are likely to fill up fast so please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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