Some help from local residents at a bulb planting event in Wormholt Park

Registering with GoParksLondon makes you part of a wider network, working together to improve parks and parks funding across Greater London.

If you already have a webpage, we'll direct people to that. If not, you can direct people to the page we create for you, based on the information you provide. It will include your text, a map of your park, lists of facilities and attractions, links to your social media pages and your contact details. Where available, we'll also link to information on the wildlife and history of your park.

On top of this, GoParksLondon will be promoting parks and the work that Friends of Parks groups do to care and maintain them. We'll share best practice across groups and offer free resources; like the TiCL service for creating a tree trail speifically for visitors to your park.

We're working to create borough forums to improve communication between councils and Friends of Parks groups and have an ambition to run mentoring sessions between groups. Being part of the family opens up new opportunities, like our networking events where you can share details of your work.

Vanessa Hampton is Chair of the Friends of Wormholt Park in Hammersmith and Fulham. She attended one of our networking events and explained why she is so proud of all they've achieved at Wormholt Park.

Wormholt Park, Hammersmith and Fulham

Sawley Road,W12 0LG | Dawn until dusk

  • Enjoy the attractive planting with wildlife friendly features, including the wildflower meadow and loggery.

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