Abney Park Cemetery

A cemetery/churchyard in , Hackney • Abney Park Cemetery, 215 Stoke Newington Highstreet, n16 0lh

  • Historic features
  • Sculpture trail
  • Woodland
  • Nature reserve
  • Treescape

Abney Park is a 32-acre park in Stoke Newington with freely available access to all. It was formerly a garden cemetery, and is now a precious nature reserve and public space offering peace and tranquillity amid the busy urban environment of Hackney. It welcomes over a half a million visitors a year, and it has remained open during the pandemic. About the Abney Park Trust: Abney Park Trust is an independent registered charity with the mission of promoting the Park's history, wildlife and role in the community. It is a volunteer-led organisation working with Hackney Council. In 2019-20 the Trust ran 30 tours, talks and community engagement events on site and hosted 40 nights of theatre productions, engaging over 7,500 people.

Abney Park Cemetery

formed 1991

Who you will find in Abney Park Cemetery

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The organisation with legal responsibility for Abney Park Cemetery is Abney Park Trust. Their website for the park is

Abney Park Cemetery is managed and maintained by Hackney Council and the Abney Park Trust.

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