Barnsbury Square

A park in , Islington • Thornhill Rd,, N1 1JP

Watch out for Wildlife
Meet friends, family or neighbours
Enjoy the planting in the square

  • Flowerbed
  • Wildflower meadow
  • Treescape
  • Bird box

  • Always open
  • dogs allowed - some areas fenced off to protect planting
  • free coffee and tea when volunteers are in the park

This lovely square has a mix of plant environments and lots of beautiful mature trees. It's a Site for Nature Conservation and you'll see woodland areas (in the centre), big beds in the sunny areas full of shrubs, shady corners full of ferns and wilder corners where the wildlife flourishes; also a wildlife meadow in the lawned area. Look out for our wrens, blackbirds, thrushes and other birds!

Who you will find in Barnsbury Square

The Friends of Barnsbury Square Gardens


Barnsbury Square Residents' Association

Best place to check for events in this park

Events page


The organisation with legal responsibility for Barnsbury Square is Islington Council.

Barnsbury Square is managed and maintained by Islington Council

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The Friends of Barnsbury Square Gardens

Formed 1997

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