Bostall Heath

A common in , Greenwich • Longleigh Lane, SE2 0GB

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  • Wild areas

  • Always open
  • Outdoor gym
  • Cricket pitch
  • Bowling green
  • Parking
  • Operational toilet

Bostall Heath, historically and locally known as The Clam Fields offers green recreation space for all to enjoy. There is a car park on Longleigh Lane and space in local roads for parking too. There is an outdoor gym, cricket nets, plenty of space for football and a bowling green across the road. There are footpaths through the wooded edges and a range of wildflowers, trees and wildlife can be enjoyed throughout the year. Plenty of benches and picnic benches offer places to rest.

Bostall Heath

formed 1995

Who you will find in Bostall Heath

Friends of Bostall Heath and Woods


Best place to check for events in this park

Friends of Bostall Heath and Woods Facebook page


The organisation with legal responsibility for Bostall Heath is Royal Borough of Greenwich Council. Their website for the park is

Bostall Heath is managed and maintained by Royal Greenwich.


Friends of Bostall Heath and Woods

Formed 1995

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