Bushy Park

A park in , Richmond upon Thames • Hampton Court Road, TW11 0EW

Explore the historic, wild, landscape and view the two herds of deer, here since Henry VIII's time, but from a safe distance as they are wild animals (50 metres recommended).
See the Diana Fountain, Heron and Leg of Mutton Ponds and the Longford River, all historically important and related 17th and 18th century monarchs.
Visit the Woodland Gardens, the part of the park which has been created as ornamental gardens and provides a tranquil path with water courses and colourful seasonal displays of shrubs and plants.
Visit the Water Gardens, a historic setting restored to its original 18th Century design.
Visit the Pheasantry cafe at the entrance to the Woodland Gardens for excellent food and a place to rest.
Explore the Visitor Centre at the entrance to the Woodland Gardens, open at weekends and public holidays, where the volunteers fro the Friends of the park can inform you about the secrets of the park.

  • Deer Park
  • Historic features
  • Wild areas
  • Ornamental garden
  • Pond/lake

With over 44 hectares (1,099 acres) of land Bushy Park is the second largest Royal Park in London, with an incredible range of wildlife, habitats and history within its walls. It is a largely semi-wild landscape and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Red and Fallow Deer roam freely throughout the park as they have done since Henry VIII used to hunt here. It has many ponds and streams, fed by water from the Longford River created by Charles I to bring water to Hampton Court Palace. The park has many bird species and its SSSI status is due to the insects and other invertebrates, with 123 scarce or threatened species recorded. The park has some 130 hectares of Acid Grassland which is a priority habitat for conservation. The grassland is populated by centuries-old ant hills, made by the Yellow Meadow Ant, often mistaken by visitors as Molehills. These anthills are still live and attract Green Woodpeckers which can often be seen. There are two Skylark nesting areas in the park and the ponds are nature reserves with many waterfowl and substantial fish numbers. The park's history is fascinating from before Cardinal Wolsey to the present day.

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The organisation with legal responsibility for Bushy Park is The Royal Parks. Their website for the park is

Bushy Park is managed and maintained by The Royal Parks

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