Canonbury Square

A formal garden in , Islington • Canonbury Square, N1 2AL

Visit Canonbury Square for a picnic
Visit Canonbury Square to relax on a bench in the sun
Visit the square where George Orwell used to live

  • Ornamental garden
  • Treescape

  • Dawn until dusk
  • No dog access
  • Multiple benches for sitting
  • Wheelchair accessible, smooth paths in East garden

Canonbury Square, bisected by Canonbury Road, has two very different public gardens. The West garden, closest to Upper Street, contains two magnificent London Plane trees as well as fruiting grape vines and roses. The trees give the garden a shaded, cool atmosphere. The East Garden, closest to the Canonbury Tavern and shops on Canonbury Place, is a more open ornamental garden with lawns and central raised beds planted as a potager garden, full of herbs and ornamental plants. The East garden boasts a striking Magnolia, at its best in early spring, and magnificent Horse Chestnut trees that provide shade in spring and summer. Both gardens have plenty of memorial benches for seating and provide a beautiful backdrop for photographs.

Who you will find in Canonbury Square

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The organisation with legal responsibility for Canonbury Square is London Borough of Islington. Their website for the park is

Canonbury Square is managed and maintained by London Borough of Islington

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