Hilly Fields (Enfield)

A park in , Enfield • Clay Hill, EN2 9AJ

Go sledging when the snow comes, best hills for miles
Cycle/scoot/walk along the cycle paths all the way to Forty Hall
Paddling in the stream
Explore the woods
Visit when there is music on the bandstand

  • Summer Concerts on Bandstand
  • River/stream
  • Woodland
  • Wild areas

  • Always open
  • Dogs allowed in all greenspaces
  • Cycle paths
  • Accessible entrance
  • Benches with backrests and sidearms
  • Dog litter bins
  • Information board
  • Bandstand

Hilly Fields Park is a natural park with fields, meadows and woods. Popular with runners, walkers, dog walkers, cyclists, families. Bandstand events are held in the summer and are enjoyed by the whole community.

Who you will find in Hilly Fields (Enfield)


Women's Outdoor Training and Fitness

Best place to check for events in this park


The organisation with legal responsibility for Hilly Fields (Enfield) is Enfield Council.

Hilly Fields (Enfield) is managed and maintained by Enfield Council.

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