Lewisham Park

A park in , Lewisham • Lewisham Park, SE13 6QZ

Take a quiet stroll, jog or walk the dog.
In Spring time, observe one of the many nesting boxes used by a variety of birds. You might be lucky enough to see chicks fledge.
Sit, relax and discover the birds in the tall mature trees.

  • Veteran trees
  • Bird box
  • Wild areas
  • Flowerbed

  • Dawn until dusk
  • Dogs allowed in all greenspaces
  • Footpaths
  • Playground for younger kids

This small park is a quiet retreat just moments away from a busy high street. The mature trees are wonderful and provide a habitat for many birds and insects. The park was originally set out as a town garden and it still retains that feeling as well as a wild area of trees and shrubs. In Spring time the cherry tree walk through the centre of the park is beautiful and the birds singing there are amazing. To get involved, contact Lewisham Park (Crescent ) Residents' Association, Chair Alison Munro lewishamparkcrescentres@gmail.com

Who you will find in Lewisham Park

Lewisham Park (Crescent) Residents Association


Friends of Lewisham Park

park volunteer group


The organisation with legal responsibility for Lewisham Park is Lewisham Council.

Lewisham Park is managed and maintained by Glendales

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Lewisham Park (Crescent) Residents Association

Formed 2012

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