Perivale Park and Meadows

A recreation ground in , Ealing • Perivale Park, Greenford, Ealing, UB6 8EN

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  • Wildflower meadow
  • River/stream
  • Sensory garden
  • Pond/lake
  • Treescape
  • Herb garden

  • Dawn until dusk
  • Dogs allowed in all greenspaces
  • Athletics track
  • Golf course

A lively park with lots of activities including an athletics track, a golf course and cafe, cricket and football pitches, many walking paths including the Capital Ring, three flower meadows and a spring bulb glade, two rivers (with sighted kingfishers) and a new orchard garden with 22 varieties of fruit trees, benches for sitting (including the Nicky Hopkins memorial bench, 11 exercise machines and two tennis courts, herbal raised beds. Four local walks staring from south greenford station next to the north entrance to the paark have been registed at The park is part of the new greenford to gurnell greenway development.

Perivale Park and Meadows

formed 2017

Who you will find in Perivale Park and Meadows

RedGreen Group and Perivale Park Friends


Ealing Bee Keepers


The organisation with legal responsibility for Perivale Park and Meadows is Ealing Council. Their website for the park is

Perivale Park and Meadows is managed and maintained by Ealing Council


RedGreen Group and Perivale Park Friends

Formed 2017

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